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Link List – Games, Cognition, & Virtuality

So far, I think this blog has struggled to find a voice. Maybe I’m plagued by this problem in areas beyond this blog. Who knows… Anyway, here are a few links (and a video!) that have been thinking about this week. Maybe you will enjoy them, too. The Dunning-Kruger effect and multiplayer video games. Interesting […]

The History of MMOs: A 4-Part Video Series

A week ago, Ralph Koster linked to a 4-part video series on the history of the MMO genera. Koster’s post does a good job outlining some of the video’s weaknesses including: technical inaccuracies and the strange omission of kids focused MMOs like Club Penguin and other forms of virtual worlds like Second Life. Tobold also has some […]

Giving Up The Ghost

In two days, World of Warcraft turns seven. Yesterday I canceled my account. The two events are unrelated (I do not have a bad case of the seven year itch). I left WoW once before as I was finishing my undergraduate education and focused on starting my career. Once life settled in, I found time […]