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Signaling Theory & Media Research

I presented some work on the application of signaling to mass communication research at the National Communication Association annual conference. This represents the theoretical front-end to several empirical studies the lab and I have been working on. Hopefully we will soon have results to share. For now, here is the talk. Much of mass communication […]

Discovery Channel – Gamer Generation

The Discovery Chanel hosted a two-part video series – Gamer Generation. While these videos are a bit dated, each still provides a useful overview of the industry, media effects, and video games research. Of particular note, Dr. Weber’s study Does playing violent video games induce aggression? Empirical evidence of a functional magnetic resonance imaging study is featured in the fourth […]

Videogames, Who Knew?

The latest edition of The Economist published a special report on video games. The piece considers industry growth, fears of violence and game addiction, use of casual games, and games for education and training. Briefly summarized, the article suggests that the games industry has matured to the point that it is difficult to ignore. For those […]