The following represents a selection of press coverage on both my academic and professional research activities.

Lab Combines Communication, Technology and Neuroscience: The Media Neuroscience Lab puts hard science into traditional communication methodology, The Current

“Among the happiest guinea pigs at UC Santa Barbara are those who play video games and watch soap operas in the name of science. They are at the center of serious research being conducted at the campus’s Media Neuroscience Lab (MNL), where neuroscientific methods are applied to answer pressing questions in communication research. The cutting-edge lab is the brainchild of René Weber, an associate professor in UCSB’s Department of Communication.” Read more.

Grad Slam Round Seven Recap: Fog, Flow, Fathers, and More, UCSB Grad Post

The Grad Slam features three-minute presentations of student research. The top two presenters from the preliminary round advance to the Semifinal round (and the top four receive $50 gift cards for the UCSB bookstore). Read more.

Secrets of Grad Student Success Shared at Graduate Orientation

For those of you who missed the New Graduate Student Orientation, you missed a free lunch and some great cookies. You also missed out on all the secrets of how to be a successful graduate student. Read more.

Graduate Student Profile: Richard Huskey, The Gaucho Communicator

“Richard Huskey, MA/PhD student in the Department of Communication, studies computer mediated communication under Professor Rene Weber. After earning a BS in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and a minor in Economics, Richard spent 6 years working in corporate research for companies such as Nissan North America and The Walt Disney Company. From that, he discovered that he was passionate about research, but was not excited about the applied research he was already doing. Wanting to ask his own—and bigger—questions, Richard pursued graduate studies.” Read more.

Hear from recent Cal Poly Marketing grads about their career paths and how their education prepared them for jobs in the field, Orfalea College of Business – Marketing Career Information

“Graduating in 2006, Richard was a part of the first group of students to experience the new marketing program. After graduation, he interned with The Walt Disney Company. Then, he found the perfect fit– a position with Nissan that supported product development and design.” Read more.

Cal Poly Marketing Area Graduate Profile: Curriculum to Career Transition

“The Nissan Corporation is a multinational automotive company that manufactures Nissan and Infiniti cars, trucks, and commercial vehicles. The Nissan Corporation is partially owned by Renault, thus an extensive partnership exists between the two companies (Japanese and French). Exposure to diverse cultures is an everyday experience for most employees. With headquarters in Japan, the USA, France, and regional offices scattered across the globe, opportunities exist in a vast variety of locations.” Read more.