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Lab Coverage

My research lab was recently featured in The Current! This is a fantastic piece that details many of the different things our lab is working on. My work is the stuff on flow and aggression resulting from video game use. Lab Combines Communication, Technology and Neuroscience: The Media Neuroscience Lab puts hard science into traditional […]

Stand back…

… I’m starting to write my thesis proposal.


The Communication department at UCSB publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Gaucho Communicator. This newsletter generally contains useful information about the department, past/upcoming events, student opportunities, etc. The Fall 2012 issue features a brief profile of yours truly (page 6). <insertsnarkycommenthere> UPDATE: Bio is on page 7. <insertevensnarkiercommenthere>

That Time of the Year

Finishing up my first week back at UCSB and this comic is all too accurate. Cheers to a new year!

Giving Up The Ghost

In two days, World of Warcraft turns seven. Yesterday I canceled my account. The two events are unrelated (I do not have a bad case of the seven year itch). I left WoW once before as I was finishing my undergraduate education and focused on starting my career. Once life settled in, I found time […]