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A Future for Augmented Reality

This video comes via the folks at Ethical Technology. Creators May-raz and Lazo offer a glimpse into an augmented reality future that allows individuals to monitor and interpret everything from environmental to nonverbal cues. Taken at face value, having access to these capabilities seems exciting. However, there are potential issues. In Sight, the slimy protagonist […]

Link List – Games, Cognition, & Virtuality

So far, I think this blog has struggled to find a voice. Maybe I’m plagued by this problem in areas beyond this blog. Who knows… Anyway, here are a few links (and a video!) that have been thinking about this week. Maybe you will enjoy them, too. The Dunning-Kruger effect and multiplayer video games. Interesting […]

Technology is the Competition?

I’m generally not one to link TED talks, but Sherry Turkle’s TEDxUIUC talk is worth watching. In sixteen minutes, Turkle outlines the second half of her latest book, Alone Together (this book is a terrific read, and absolutely worth the purchase). While I do not always agree with Turkle, I tremendous respect for her, and her work. This […]

The Role of Need For Closure on Motivations to Assess Credibility When Information Seeking Online

Some long-form thoughts on Need for Closure and credibility. Nothing submission worthy, but something I’ve been thinking about (read as, these ideas need further development, and considerable improvement). Introduction The Internet is often regarded as a tool for widespread information distribution. A popular perspective suggests that individuals access the Internet to seek and share novel information. Accordingly, […]

Videogames, Who Knew?

The latest edition of The Economist published a special report on video games. The piece considers industry growth, fears of violence and game addiction, use of casual games, and games for education and training. Briefly summarized, the article suggests that the games industry has matured to the point that it is difficult to ignore. For those […]

Must Read: Henry Jenkins “‘Necessary Conversation’ with Sherry Turkle”

MIT Tech TV I read Turkle’s Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other not long after it was published. My ambitious self intended to write a book review. The timing was perfect. My phone died (leaving me without a phone for a week) right as I finished Turkle’s book. Unfortunately I have yet […]

Google+ and Circles – A Site for Multiple Expressions of the Self

  (Author’s note: This post is imported from an old, deactivated, blog – thus the topic is a bit dated). I have been a member of Google+ since July 7th. Even though I was not part of the first wave of invites, I was able to get in before Google opened Google+ to anyone with […]