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Evolution, Biology, & Brains 2.0 ICA Pre-Conference

Headed to the International Communication Association (ICA) annual conference this year? If so, I strongly encourage you to submit to and attend the Communication Science – Evolution, Biology, and Brains 2.0: Innovation in Theory and Methods pre-conference. I attended this pre-conference at ICA 2013 and was quite impressed with submission quality. It is fantastic to see that […]

Signaling Theory & Media Research

I presented some work on the application of signaling to mass communication research at the National Communication Association annual conference. This represents the theoretical front-end to several empirical studies the lab and I have been working on. Hopefully we will soon have results to share. For now, here is the talk. Much of mass communication […]


Wow, it has been a long time since I last posted here. What gives? I’ve been focusing on a few different projects. Roughly one year ago, I helped launch our lab website: I serve as a content administrator on the page and manage most of the content updates. I also manage the lab’s twitter account: @MediaNeuro. […]

Communication Science – Evolution, Biology, and Brains

If you are headed to ICA in 2013 there are several pre-conferences you are probably interested in. I’d like to underscore the Communication Science – Evolution, Biology, and Brains pre-conference: The goal of this pre-conference is to bring together scholars who are working across sub-fields of communication studies using evolutionary theory, neuroscience and other biological measures […]