Evolution, Biology, & Brains 2.0 ICA Pre-Conference

Headed to the International Communication Association (ICA) annual conference this year? If so, I strongly encourage you to submit to and attend the Communication Science – Evolution, Biology, and Brains 2.0: Innovation in Theory and Methods pre-conference. I attended this pre-conference at ICA 2013 and was quite impressed with submission quality. It is fantastic to see that […]

The Neural Correlates of Flow Experiences

Our lab recently pilot tested a study that looks at the structural assumptions central to a synchronization theory of flow. The initial results (reported below) were submitted to the Communication Science – Evolution, Biology, and Brains 2.0: Innovation in Theory and Methods pre-conference.  

Lab Coverage

My research lab was recently featured in The Current! This is a fantastic piece that details many of the different things our lab is working on. My work is the stuff on flow and aggression resulting from video game use. Lab Combines Communication, Technology and Neuroscience: The Media Neuroscience Lab puts hard science into traditional […]

Signaling Theory & Media Research

I presented some work on the application of signaling to mass communication research at the National Communication Association annual conference. This represents the theoretical front-end to several empirical studies the lab and I have been working on. Hopefully we will soon have results to share. For now, here is the talk. Much of mass communication […]

Attentional Capacity & Flow Experiences

One of the things our lab is working on is developing methodologies to test the synchronization theory of flow. In a recent study, we demonstrate that secondary task reaction times can be used as a low cost, unobtrusive, and online measure of flow experiences. This study was presented at the 2013 International Communication Association conference. […]


Wow, it has been a long time since I last posted here. What gives? I’ve been focusing on a few different projects. Roughly one year ago, I helped launch our lab website: medianeuroscience.org. I serve as a content administrator on the page and manage most of the content updates. I also manage the lab’s twitter account: @MediaNeuro. […]

Stand back…

… I’m starting to write my thesis proposal.

Communication Science – Evolution, Biology, and Brains

If you are headed to ICA in 2013 there are several pre-conferences you are probably interested in. I’d like to underscore the Communication Science – Evolution, Biology, and Brains pre-conference: The goal of this pre-conference is to bring together scholars who are working across sub-fields of communication studies using evolutionary theory, neuroscience and other biological measures […]


The Communication department at UCSB publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Gaucho Communicator. This newsletter generally contains useful information about the department, past/upcoming events, student opportunities, etc. The Fall 2012 issue features a brief profile of yours truly (page 6). <insertsnarkycommenthere> UPDATE: Bio is on page 7. <insertevensnarkiercommenthere>

Discovery Channel – Rise of the Video Game

Rise of the Video Game is a five-part documentary on video games produced by the Discovery Chanel. Video, as well as descriptions of each episode, are shown below the fold.