Communication Science – Evolution, Biology, and Brains

If you are headed to ICA in 2013 there are several pre-conferences you are probably interested in. I’d like to underscore the¬†Communication Science – Evolution, Biology, and Brains pre-conference:

The goal of this pre-conference is to bring together scholars who are working across sub-fields of communication studies using evolutionary theory, neuroscience and other biological measures to address core questions in communication studies. A critical mass of scholars are now employing such methods to advance theory and application within communication studies. Furthermore, biological paradigms clearly include additional questions and methods that can be added to our research agenda, however, incorporation of biological explanations and methods can also highlight new questions. In addition to plenary talks given by invited senior scholars in the area, the pre-conference participants will share new data and ideas and discuss a vision for how communication studies can best leverage such new theorizing and study paradigms moving forward.

More information (e.g., costs, deadlines, agenda) is available here. Hopefully I’ll see you there!

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