The History of MMOs: A 4-Part Video Series

A week ago, Ralph Koster linked to a 4-part video series on the history of the MMO genera. Koster’s post does a good job outlining some of the video’s weaknesses including: technical inaccuracies and the strange omission of kids focused MMOs like Club Penguin and other forms of virtual worlds like Second Life. Tobold also has some interesting criticism, even if it is more about a frustration with the genera than the video itself. Personally, I am a bit disappointed by how much the series focus on business models and subscriber bases. I understand both are critical a game’s success, but so is the social capital developed among players. The video considers game success almost in the same way as one would talk about how videos go viral on YouTube. Reasons for play are far more complex. It would have been nice for the video to take a harder look at why players engage these games.

Still, the video series (linked after the fold) is worth a watch. Enjoy!

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